MCU was founded in 2013 by three Master degree students in order to take part at Harvard WorldMUN with 12 other delegates. The delegation brought home one award, and enjoyed the experience so much that the delegation was reformed, and took part in London’s LIMUN conference next year, where they won yet another award, as well as bringing in another award from BruMUN. After that, it was decided that MCU should become a permanent institution and an addition to the Free University of Brussel’s landscape of student groups. In 2015 the delegation went to Rome for another Harvard WorldMUN, where a delegation consisting entirely of new delegates put up a very good performance. In 2016, a new body of Head-delegates was formed which decided that MCU should aim to help non-English speakers to participate in MUN’s, hence starting the ULB’s first bilingual MUN organisation.

With three old delegates in charge of training nine young ambitious new delegates, our new delegation has it’s eyes set on GIMUN in March. At the same time, we wish to expand our influence on campus by providing other students with insights and debates on the UN, and in the spirit of education carried by the UN we will work with schools in order to provide children with knowledge on the UN and perhaps help form the next generation of MUNers. We look upon the future with excitement. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to know exactly what is going on at the moment with MCU.