Our delegation


Meet Ayoub Boughrada a 20-year-old student in his first year of Business Engineering at the ULB. His dream is to become a Business Analyst because of his high interest in this field.

Ayoub has already 4 years of MUN experience through his high school. “It became sort of a hobby for me, therefore the MCU is the perfect opportunity for me to continue this activity, that is dear to my heart, throughout my years of study”.

Born in Morocco where he lived most of his childhood, he then moved to The Netherlands due to his father’s work.

Having lived in two different countries has helped Ayoub to be a more open-minded person. This enabled him to really gain interest in other cultures, other way of thinking and living. “Adding Belgium to the list only expands my multicultural experience.

Now fluent in French, Arabic, English, Dutch and Spanish he plans to learn even more languages in the future.

Fun Fact : “I actually love Ramen Noodles. I can survive a whole year by eating only instant noodles. Healthy or not, noodles are my life. I said noodles way too many times, and that shows how much I love it!”



Meet Zoé Depasse, a Law student at the ULB. Zoé first discovered her interest in international relations while she was in England at the Oxford Brookes University after being admitted for a Foundation Year program.

Highly motivated, always ready to surpass herself and to undertake new projects that put her out of her comfort zone, she loves to meet new people and to travel.

The MCU is the perfect example of projects in which she likes to enrol: teamwork, discovery of a new city and culture as well as getting to meet new students with the same interest in international relations.

Very excited at the idea of being part of this adventure, Zoé can’t wait to get to know more about the functioning of the United Nations.




Meet Fidéline Dupont, a third year student in political science at the ULB. « The complexity and the subtlety of international relations awake a lot of interest in me, just like politics ». Subjects like the liberty of press as well as the status of the woman fascinate her very much.

Fidéline has had a few experiences working in a corporate environment where teamwork is crucial. In this context, she was able to improve her listening skills and it enabled her to notice how much teamwork can achieve in terms of amazing projects and ideas.

She is convinced that having a good debate is the only way people will be able to find the best solutions.

Previous sports competitor, she is used to challenges. « The spirit of sport competition reinforces ones determination. I therefore apprehend the MCU as a challenge that we will all accomplish together, which can only be a positive challenge for all of us! ».





Meet Anissa Hamadi, a 23-year-old student in political science at the ULB. Passionate about international relations and political science, Anissa joined the MCU in order to personally grow from that beautiful experience but also to develop her sense of diplomacy.






Meet Kevin Lopes, a 21-year-old Luxemburgish student dsc_6651-2currently completing his political science degree at the Free University of Brussels with a personal focus on American politics.

He believes that studying politics does not only provide a comprehensive understanding of the current world situation but above all it allows you building a critical thinking about the problems of the twenty-first century.

Already speaking 5 languages fluently (English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese) does not stop him from facing new challenges.

In 2013, he has been awarded the first prize by Clark University (Massachusetts, USA) for his essay on ‘The future relationship between the United States of America and Europe’.

Besides having been elected president of the Luxemburgish national student committee in 2014, he volunteers in many organizations such as those promoting organ donation. Indeed, he is deeply convinced that it is everyone’s personal responsibility to contribute for the wellbeing of others – even after death.

Alongside his severe interest in diplomacy and in international affairs in general, he holds already a pilot license and flies on a regular basis.




Meet Rinor Sojeva, a 21-year old political science student at the ULB. Rinor has had the chance to have multiple student jobs in the last few years in the corporate world as well as in sales (in which he is still currently involved).

He is also the treasurer of the Vlera, the organisation for young Albanian students in Belgium and has had the chance to play football at a quite professional level.

All of theses elements have made him a person who enjoys collective challenges.

It is the idea that the MUN is collective challenge with an emphasis on international politics that made him want to apply in order to join the delegation.



dsc_6637Meet Lucie Wagner, a 23-year-old Advanced Master student in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Integration. After obtaining her bachelor degree at the University of Saint-Louis as well as a master’s degree in Political Science at the ULB, joining the MCU seemed like evidence to her.

Eternal optimist, she believes that every one of us can improve the world we live in and that equality of opportunity, especially when it comes to education, is a necessity.

After completing her studies, Lucie would like to work for a Humanitarian aid NGO, specialized in the humanitarian response to war conflict.

Fun fact: Lucie can draw hearts in Cappuccinos




Meet Sarah Wissing, a 20-year-old Law student at the ULB. Fluent in 4 languages and coming from mixed origins, Sarah’s interests in international politics and international relations came at quite an early age.

Constantly seeking new challenges and adventures, Sarah can’t stay in a place at once (sometimes too literarily) and always tries to surpass herself and discover new things.

Through extensive travelling as well as her involvement in a variety of groups and international projects, she has become quite accustomed to rapidly adapt to a new environment and thoroughly enjoys it.

Languages in their subtlety and uniqueness fascinate her which is a delight given her choice of studies and the range of new fancy schmancy words she is getting to learn. She also decided to torture herself this year by learning her fifth language which is no other than… mandarin.

Fun Fact: Sarah is known to dance like a chicken that ate too many jalapenos! Something anyone ought to see one day.




Meet Kelly Vossen,

After obtaining her undergraduate in political science at the University of Saint-Louis, she is now embarking on a master’s degree in political communication at the ULB.

Having enjoyed her Erasmus experience and her very active participation in the « Students for Europe » association she is now keen to learn even more, but this time at a world scale.

Through GIMUN she sees a way of getting acquainted with international and diverse communities  in order to improve the global wellness.