MUN conferences

Together with our motivated and ambitious delegates of MUN Club ULB 2016-2017, we will have the opportunity to participate at GIMUN 2017, an annual conference which is hold in Geneva, Switzerland.

logo-gimun-retinaGIMUN is a very prestigious and professionally organised conference. As it takes place at the Palace of Nations, delegates will get the chance to meet real diplomates of the United Nations who offer additional support during the conference. In addition, the resolutions will be recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the UN, as GIMUN has a consultative status. Furthermore, delegates will meet students from diverse cultural backgrounds and get to know them at the social events. All in all, GIMUN will be an incredibly enriching experience.telechargement_kofi6-_img_5241

To reach our goals our weekly training schedule is complemented by the participation in various conferences. Organizing debates, joint sessions, and conferences will likely be part of our commitments to 2016-2017. Our first training simulation will take place at the ULB in December to prepare us for the GIMUN challenge. It is organized by the ULB MUN team which participates at the National MUN in New York.sans-titre-2-e1415394903643

The opportunities are there, and we intent to seize them together with our sponsors.