Education Project

Over the years of experience and professionalization, MUN Club ULB has decided to put up a new project in parallel with the participation at GIMUN 2017. This year we offer an education project in collaboration with high schools in Belgium, especially in the region of Brussels and in Wallonia.

This project aims to provide students in 5th and 6th grade of school with two to four hours of training including a presentation either in English or French. We will send two to three delegates to each school where they will have to chance to share their knowledge with students. A standardized presentation will ensure the quality of the training which will include the following steps:

  1. A presentation of the United Nations: its organisation, importance and implications
  2. Information on the principles of MUN: its history, its functioning and the importance for the students to take part in those simulations
  3. Active training with students and teachers based on exercises: students will have to work in small groups, they will receive information about a given state and a specific theme (example: famine, corruption, climate change, etc.). They will then be asked to prepare a speech.

The second part of the exercise aims to show the students the possibilities of negotiating with different countries. The aim of these exercises is to improve their public speaking skills as well as their way of strategic thinking.

Exercises will be adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of the schools and their students.