Head Delegates

Stan Vleminckx sdsc_6638tudies political science at the ULB, he is currently in his third bachelor year. Fluent in Dutch, French, German and English, he has been a member of MCU since it’s foundation and after a one-year hiatus came back as head-delegate of the team.

He is fond of fiery speeches, and sees John Kerry as an inspiration for his speaking skills. He hopes to eventually take after him and become a diplomat.

His main interests are economic inequality and the link between State and Warfare, but he also enjoys cooking and swimming.

Being responsable for training, he hopes that this year’s team will enjoy the MUN experience, eventually outperform him and keep MCU’s torch burning for many more years.

Fun Fact: His love for acid candy once prevented him from eating solid food for two days.



dsc_6665-2Valentine Burkart is a 19-year-old political science student at the ULB. Originally from Germany, Valentine preferred to move to Belgium for her studies so she could live abroad and master her language skills.

Being a Head Delegate of this year’s team, she takes care of logistics and sponsoring. Valentine has already been part of MCU last year when she was the social media officer of the team and participated at the Harvard WorldMUN 2016 in Rome.

Apart from her job at MCU, she is part of the Amnesty International Club at the ULB and Rotaract, two organisations which deepen her passion for international topics and cultural exchange even further.

She is persuaded that education is crucial to promote tolerance and political stability and therefore is very excited about this year’s education project.

Whenever she finds a minute to rest, Valentine loves to spend her time cooking or preparing cakes for her friend’s birthdays.

By the way, you can also spot her at 90’s parties where she turns not only into a passionate dancer but also in that person who is constantly singing along to the Backstreet Boys’ songs as she knows all of them by heart.


Faculty Advisordsc_6706-2

Anne Nguyen is the Faculty Advisor of our team. Anne is a multicultural language lover, born in
Switzerland, in a Vietnamese family. She lived in the United Kingdom for a while but now lives in Belgium.

Currently a PhD student in international relations, she has been in the MUN circuit since 2011. Three years ago, she and two other students founded the team.

Her involvement in MUN started out of her passion for international politics but also as a personal challenge. Indeed, until the age of 15 she was speech impaired and mocked for her stutter. So she decided to face her fears and tackle the public speaking aspect of the conferences to gain confidence and get rid of her fear of public speaking.

In her free time, Anne loves to visiting flea markets, cooking and playing music.

Fun fact: Anne is the cat lady of the team so much so that as a teenager, on her way back from school, she would attract a minimum of four cats on her way home!

But Anne is also known as quite a stubborn person. She is indeed ready to do anything in order to straighten up an injustice she witnessed. So much so that at the age of 12, witnessing her parents not punishing her sister for something she was (obviously) responsible for, she decided to test her parents spirit and underwent a 24 hour hunger strike!